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Troop Leadership Positions

Elections were held December 2017:

Senior Patrol Leader – Thomas Kamsickas

Asst. Senior Patrol Leader – Nathaniel Meakins

Asst. Senior Patrol Leader – Joshua Rhodes

Phoenix Patrol: Patrol Leader - Makhi Pacheco

Asst. Patrol Leader - PJ Jochdee

Austin Herbel

Cristian Davis

Liam McCarthy

Mason Merhout

Nicholas Richardson

Santino Hernandez

Zachary Bowen

Raven Claw: Patrol Leader – Jacob Shipman

Asst. Patrol Leader - Martin Raymore

Hunter Blackney

Israell Nieto

James Park

Miles Pearson

Nathaniel Padilla Martinez

Nick Larson

Den Chief – Thomas Kamsickas

OA Troop Reps – Liam McCarthy

Quartermaster - James Park

Scribe – Martin Raymore

Chaplains Aide – Nick Richardson

Librarian –

Historian – Nate Meakins

Webmaster – Jacob Shipman

Community Service Chairman – Thomas Kamsickas

Troop Guide -

Leave No Trace Trainer - Thomas Kamsickas

Bugler- Ethan Thomas and Martin Raymore